close up of brown sedimentary rock

Sedimentary Rocks

Sedimentary Rock 1-5 are five compositionally different sedimentary rocks. Unfired, solid, and imperfectly cast I drew upon the concept of replicating the same form over and over again.

Igneous Rock

Igneous Rock is a piece that was included in my BFA Show, Making New that took place in Feb 2020. I tried to make an authentic igneous rock.

Three Clay Samples

Natural Clay Samples

Three different Natural Clay samples that I have collected throughout the past two years from various places. Simple yet, pretty.

Not Rock?

An interesting, not rock, fragment I found while on a trip to Chaco Canyon. What I thought was a rock might not be, it doesn’t feel like a one.

Rough Rocks

Rough Rocks share similar coloring but different values of the same texture. These two somehow belong together. One too jagged the other barely.

Layered Sink Dirt

Layers upon layers of clay, glaze and plaster particles that settled at the bottom of a sink. What a sweet, small landscape. Sink Dirt.

Colored Porcelain Drips

Drips/pebbles made from scrap colored porcelain slip dripping from a plaster mold onto paper. I sanded down the surface so they weren’t gritty.

Colored Porcelain Rocks

Porcelain rocks made from terra-cotta and white colored clay scraps. To get this look I smashed huge dry chunks of clay with a hammer.

Plaster Scraps Sculpture

Plaster scraps made from the production of plaster molds. This would have been thrown away. I found a lot of beauty in these small sculptural pieces.