Plaster Sculpture

A plaster sculpture (scrap) made from the production of plaster molds. This would have been thrown away. I found a lot of beauty in these small pieces.

Plaster SculptureAs stated, this plaster sculpture was made from the production of plaster molds. This is at that one job… you’ll know if you know. Anyways, there’s a ratio of weight for plaster and water to be mixed. So you mix it, then tap out the bubbles, wait a couple minutes and then finally pick up this heavy 5 gallon Home Depot bucket and try to pour (not spill) the plaster into rubber molds of differing sizes. I don’t remember spilling very often. You can imagine the back and leg pain after doing this for hours every day…

Plaster SculptureOnce the plaster dried a bit, you would lightly scrape the excess off of the top of the rubber mold to make a beautiful flat surface. This is where those scraps came from. Scraping off the excess of the plaster molds. Lot’s of layers and ripples to look at here and the next two posts. Plaster Part Two & Plaster Part Three.