Colored Porcelain Drips

Drips/pebbles made from scrap colored porcelain slip dripping from a plaster mold onto paper. I sanded down the surface so they weren’t gritty.

Colored PorcelainI have been lucky enough to work at a ceramic manufacturing company that uses colored porcelain and plaster molds. Every once and a while I would find these oblong shapes that perfectly formed when dripping off of a plaster mold. They were so fragile. You can still see the ripples they made as the slip pooled on the paper beneath them.

Colored Porcelain

I fully intend on making larger pieces of these happy accidents. The trick is trying to replicate these colors and making new colors myself. Colored Slip

The trick is also gravity. I have a lot of experimenting to do.Colored Porcelain

No glaze was applied to these drips. They are porcelain fired to cone 6 and sanded smooth.Colored Slip