Colored Porcelain Rocks

Porcelain rocks made from terra-cotta and white colored clay scraps. To get this look I smashed huge dry chunks of clay with a hammer.

Porcelain Rocks

These porcelain rocks are made from colored slip that dried and then was broken up into smaller pieces. Crushing bone dry clay with a hammer is a lot more satisfying than I thought it would be. And it makes the perfect rock texture. The smooth rock was made by using colored clay scraps and molding them into an oval. I then cut it and repositioned so it looks like it does. I could see it as a drawer knob.Porcelain Rocks

Ooooh ahhhh… a trio.Colored Clay Here is the faux terra-cotta color. Then below is just the plain non-colored clay.

Colored clayI was inspired by Brad Miller and the manmade rocks he makes out of ceramic material. Go, Brad!