Layered Sink Dirt

Layers upon layers of clay, glaze, and plaster particles that settled at the bottom of a sink. What a sweet, small landscape. Sink Dirt.

Layered Sink Dirt

Sink dirt is kinda a weird way of putting it. But basically, at the ceramic job I worked at the sink would fill every week with this sludge. Somehow it dried over the weekend and on Monday when I was cleaning the trap, I found this wonderful chunk of layered stuff.

Colored Porcelain

You can see all the layers of colored clay, plaster, pigment and other junk in there. It looks like the side of a mountain with just layers of earth history. But instead, it’s the history of a ceramic manufacturing plant over the course of a week.

Layered Clay

This is probably going to be the prettiest image that pops up when you type in Sink Dirt to Google. So you’re welcome.

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