Natural Clay Samples

Three different Natural Clay samples that I have collected throughout the past two years from various places. Simple yet, pretty.

Three Clay Samples

Natural Clay

So today I have three natural clay samples that I have found over these past two years away from school. I mean, I have been in school but it has all been online so it’s a little different. Anyways… on the left is a green looking one, the middle is a cream and to the right is a tan-colored clay.

When I say natural clay, I mean found elsewhere other than the store. But for scientific reasonings (or just because) I have a store-bought one as my control group. Can you guess which one it is?

San Fransisco Clay

San Fransisco

Ok, first up is the tan looking clay. I found this in May 2017 while on a trip to San Fransisco. This trip was super fun because I had just finished school for the summer while my then fiancé was still working away. We went with his family and our family friends. On that day I remember the boys planning a guys night by going to a Giants baseball game while we girls and the kids (all six of them) planned to do something else.

In the end, my little brother in law, mother in law and one of our family friends kids went along with me. We went to the Sutro Baths. While there I found dried-up mud with the suspicion that it might be clay. I grabbed a chunk and shoved it into someone else’s hoodie pocket that I was wearing. Thank you!

Later, in 2018, I finally got the chance to process the tiny amount of mud I collected. I made a tiny pinch pot then decided I was going to try to throw with it. It feels like butter beneath my fingertips. So now I have a tiny little cylinder awaiting the perfect time to fire it. Hopefully, it doesn’t just melt.

BYU Museum of Paleontology Clay

Paleontology Museum

Next up is the olive green clay! While in school at Brigham Young University I worked for the Paleontology Museum. I helped prepare fossils that were in rock and also did illustrations for some scientific publications. I still do that from time to time.

Anyways, I noticed in the matrix of a fossil (the rock surrounding the bone) had bits of green stuff that when wet turned mushy. These little specks were smaller than a pea, so I decided to start collecting them.

Now I have a super tiny collection and I have used it in a glaze. It turns out to look like the pottery has moles on it. Pretty sweet.

Store-bought Clay

Store-Bought “Natural” Clay

Here’s my control group. Store-bought clay. I have yet to fire it because it was the cheap kind and I’m not entirely sure that it will fire all the way up to cone 6. But it’s pretty all the same. Thanks for reading!

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