Pairs from my Rock Collection

Pairs from my ever-growing rock collection. I think they all compliment each other either in color, texture, or shape. Enjoy!

Rock Collection

Rock Collections

Rock collections! I’ve always had one, always. My mom is a gemologist, my grandpa is a paleontologist and my great grandpa was a jeweler. How could I not have a rock collection? I remember pulling out from my closet when I was a child, grocery bags full of different rocks that I thought were cool. Small ones, big ones, smooth, rough, colored, sparkly.

Rock Collection

Mineral Shows

Because my mom knew about rocks, I got to go to rock and mineral shows and pick out my favorites. I also inherited a lot of her rocks when she was a kid. My grandpa sent my sister and me coprolite (fossilized dinosaur poo) and a raptor claw. Super cool childhood. Now my rock collection is way better.

Rock Collection

Each of these pairs is from a trip I took while in my sophomore year of college. We went to Chaco Canyon but along the way, we stopped in Moab and Hovenweep. These pairs were all found on this trip.

Here’s a link to a popular destination here in Oregon and also one of my favorite rock collections.

Also, here’s another link to another pair that I like.