Serpentine Verdite w/ Metamorphic Rock

I think these two make a really nice texture and color matching. Here they are in a warm light.

Serpentine Verdite

So here we are again with the rough texture of Serpentine Verdite in warm light but now we have a contrasting texture combination with the metamorphic rock. One is rough the other smooth. One is this weird aqua green and the other different shades of red. I like how one is so big next to the other. Basically, the perfect contrasting pair I could find within my rock collection.

Metamorphic Rock

Here they are in cooler light. Which one do you like best?

Serpentine Verdite

Here we can see the other side of the Serpentine Verdite where it is cut and smooth. It has some subtle marbling details that compliment the smaller rock.

Metamorphic Rock

See the original post here: Serpentine Verdite Detail

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