Serpentine Verdite Detail

Serpentine Verdite. I bought this rock at a rock show because it was so pretty and soft. I plan on making this into a glaze, maybe.

Serpentine Verdite

Serpentine Verdite… There is something so special to me about the rough side of this specimen. I like to think of it as a visualization of this rocks life. To the color of the textures from the peaks and valleys. I especially love the diagonal scar it bares. All of that combined with its small monumental shape makes me think it stands tall and proud, shaped by the hardships of life.

Serpentine Verdite Detail

Here’s a detail of the top of the specimen. You can really see the texture here with shallow and deeper valleys. This image makes me imagine a small climber, struggling up an otherworldly mountain.

The edge detail here adds fragility to a rock. Kinda ironic.

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