Walking Mystery Rock

A rock I found in a gravel driveway at a job I hated and the floral wire stand I made for it. This rock was the highlight of my day when I found it.

RockThis beautiful rock… After a long, long day at work, I was walking to my car. The rain had just let up so the sky was this nice light grey color. The car was parked in the gravel parking lot. Right before opening my door to get inside I spotted this smooth green rock. I grabbed it and tossed it into my cup holder then set out home.

Walking Mystery RockMy body ached all the time from this job. It required me to lift heavy objects over and over again. Yikes. It was a bad one that I will not name. I learned a lot though.

Walking Mystery RockI was inspired by Alice Ronchi and based this piece off of her ‘Victor (Kilimanjaro)’. Mine stands about 3 inches tall (maybe 2). It also is made of one piece of green floral wire and this mystery specimen from a gravel road.